Our Team

Charityworks is governed by a board of trustees and is delivered by a team based at Koreo in London. Koreo is run by Charityworks founder Rachel Whale, and has been the managing agent for Charityworks since its launch in 2009.


Diana Galloway
Learning Experience Manager

Diana is a Learning Experience Manager at Koreo with a background in supporting young leaders with their learning and development. She is a lead facilitator on the Charityworks development programme.

Ben Dewhirst
Project Manager

Ben works across a varied portfolio of projects at Koreo specialising in entry routes into and through social change, focusing on coaching and leadership skills. He is a coach and facilitator supporting delivery of the Charityworks programme.

Ashanya Griffiths
Learning Experience Manager

Ashanya works as a Learning Experience Manager at Koreo. She leads the development and facilitation of the Charityworks programme, managing operational delivery and working to support trainees and hiring managers throughout their year.

Jordan Rolfe
Programme Director

Jordan is a Senior Consultant at Koreo working to design and deliver projects and programmes across Koreo’s portfolios. He is the Charityworks Programme Director. Jordan joined Koreo in 2014 and is an alumni of the Charityworks programme himself.

Craig Pemblington
Head of Business Development

Craig works as Head of Business Development at Koreo, responsible for the strategic development and delivery of national campaigns for our talent programmes, including Charityworks. Craig has a particular passion around social inclusion and is responsible for the programme's radical inclusion strategy for recruitment. He holds responsibility for the approach to growing partner relationships with charities to access talent on the programme.

Rachel Whale
Founder & CEO

Rachel is a social entrepreneur and activist with 20-years experience working in and with the social sector. Founding Director of Koreo, she has held leadership roles in a range of organisations dedicated to social impact, led consultancy projects across sectors in the UK and internationally, and founded several ventures dedicated to mobilising talent for social change.

Amy Kimmins
Development Manager

Amy is an experienced marketer holding previous roles in the private and university sectors, as well as working as a consultant. Amy is Koreo's Development Manager and is responsible for promoting Charityworks in a B2B capacity across the sector, and for securing talent for the programme. She holds Master's in Management with Marketing from Lancaster University Management School.

Flinn Andreae
Development Coordinator

Flinn is part of the Koreo Development Team, coordinating work across business development and recruitment activities. On Charityworks he manages our partner engagement work, data analysis and is the main point of contact for prospective candidates.


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