Charityworks was born in a series of coffee shops in 2008, when a number of conversations between like-minded colleagues in the non-profit sector gave breath to an idea that Rachel had developed over a number of years spent working in, and with, non-profit organisations.

The idea stemmed from three things: firstly, a recognition of the lack of a robust and successful talent development strategy in many non-profit organisations. Secondly, an acknowledgment that people with exceptional talent and commitment were finding it
hard to find an entry route into the sector. And thirdly,
a sense of frustration that working in the sector was rarely promoted as a career of choice despite its huge benefits.

Once the idea was articulated, it became a reality after the overwhelmingly positive reception it received in informal conversations, at focus groups, and the original support and commitment of the six founding organisations.

In 2014 Charityworks built on widespread support in the non-profit sector to make the programme national. Having spent 5 years piloting with small cohorts and a focus on London, the focus of the programme spread to a wider range of host organisations all over the country. That support, combined with a grant from the UK Cabinet Office, resulted in 104 trainees going through the 2014/15 programme based at 60 organisations in 3 geographical hubs.



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