Thank You & Farewell to Amy Author: Ned Y     
Date: 6th June 2016

As many of you will know, our very dear colleague (and the original Charityworks Programme Manager) Amy Pettipher has decided to finally leave us to fend for ourselves after 6 years at Vanilla/Charityworks.

Given the typically understated manner of her departure, and the depth of affection we and many of you have for her after so many years together, I wanted to share the news (in case you hadn’t heard it) and a thank you. 

Having worked with her on a desk not much bigger than our laptops while Vanilla & Charityworks as they are today were still a twinkle in Rachel’s eye, I can confirm that her glowing reputation is no accident, and that even at such close quarters she is the kindest, warmest, most generous colleague you could wish for. She also has infamously good skin, a loose grip on French, and a clip-on bungee cord for her iPhone, none of which have ever failed to astonish me. 

Most of you will have known her as a key part of the programme team here, and anyone who’s been involved in Charityworks will know all about the thought, care and sheer hard work she put into making the programme as successful as possible for everyone involved with it. She’s had a consistently big impact on trainees, colleagues, mentors, clients, assessors, and trustees alike. Quite simply, the programme wouldn’t have been the same without her. 

The same is true of everyone who’s worked with her here. She’s had a profound influence on our culture and our work, and I know everyone at Vanilla/Charityworks will miss her terribly. But mostly, we all know we’ve been incredibly lucky to work with her for this long, and we wish her loads of luck in whatever’s next.

She will continue to work with us on some projects, so won’t disappear entirely, but if you want to send her a message you can do so on TwitterLinkedin or Facebook. I’m also totally happy to pass things on by email via if you need a go-between.



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