Charityworks: A Trainee’s Perspective Author: GUEST POST     
Date: 16th December 2021

Hi there, my name is Zoe and I’m a Trainee at Charity Works in the 2020/21 cohort. I graduated from the University of Sheffield in the summer of 2020 with a degree in Politics but a few months before I was completely panicking about my future.


I knew I was no longer interested in entering directly into the world of Politics, but I still had that feeling that I wanted to make a positive difference to others. I was thinking about social work and a couple of other paths when my mum sent me a link to the Charity Works scheme. 

I couldn’t believe this scheme existed, I could spend a year in full-time work making a difference and continuing to learn with the monthly workshops and conferences. I knew it wouldn’t just be a job, it would be the first step in my career.

Approaching the application process

I knew the scheme was popular, so I knew the application process was going to be rigorous. I attended the webinar which took place before the virtual assessment centres and it couldn’t have been more helpful, I appreciated Charity Works’ transparency and reassurance, especially as I was finishing my degree at the time during a national lockdown (the first one), so it wasn’t an easy time to be job hunting.

I found myself enjoying the virtual assessment centres; the Charity Works staff and other potential trainees, were kind, reassuring and understanding.

My top tips for applicants would be to:

  • Spend a fair bit of time preparing for the different stages
  • Keep in mind Charity Works’ core values and the characteristics they are looking for in a potential trainee – think about how you can demonstrate these skills during the Assessment Centre
  • Remember they are not trying to catch you out or play any secret games, they want you to succeed

Placement experience

When I found out I’d got onto the scheme, I was elated. I was matched with a charity local to me, Kids Inspire, and I have had the best 12 months as their Marketing and Communications Assistant. I have learnt new skills, developed a sense for the industry and made wonderful new friends on the Charity Works programme in the process.

If you are looking to apply, go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Find out more about Kids Inspire here.

Charityworks applications are currently open, click to apply here!


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